Adding a person to a channel

Adding a person to a channel


SaferMe allows you to add people to your channel so that they can make and view reports. This way, you can have your whole team working on the same channel!



Web App 

  1.  Navigate to "users" on the top nav bar under the control panel.
  2.  Select in the top right-hand drop down bar the channel you wish to add them to.
  3.  Select add user located in the top right-hand corner. 
  4.  Add their email, employee ID if they have one and their role - which can be an operator or administrator. Administrators can make changes to the way your channels and reports function and are setup.
  5. You can turn off email invitations if you do not want a user to receive and email alerting them that they have been added to a channel.
  6.  Click the green +, then click add.
  7.  The user will be added to the channel. 

   You can only add users on the web app.

  For more information on users go to exporting data for users.




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