Signature widget

Signature widget

The signature widget is a great way for users who require signature verification for HS forms etc. Reports can be signed after the report has been made by the reporter and by people who have viewed the report.


Mobile App

  1.  Add the signature widget to the form you wish to make the signature on, this is located under the control panel under after report effects on the side bar.
  2.  To use the signature widget, first, navigate to the form .
  3.  Once you have filled out and posted your report, you are now ready to sign the report.
  4.  Select add signature.
  5.  Fill out your name and draw your signature in the designated area under your name. If you put the wrong signature or name press the 'x'.
  6.  Once the signature is saved, you can view it on your report.
  7.  Other users assigned to the form can add a signature when it appears in their feed.
  8.  They can click add signature on the report and sign it in the designated area.


  The signature widget is only available to sign on the mobile app, but you can view reports made with signature on the web app.


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