Deleting fields or widgets off report forms

Deleting fields or widgets off report forms

Fields and widgets are used to build your report forms. Deleting a field because it is not needed on a form is easy, but this can only be done on the web app.

Web App

  1. Log in to the account that you wish to makes changes to on the SaferMe website.
  2. Navigate to the side bar of the web app.
  3. Select the control panel.
  4. Select in the top left-hand corner in the dropbox what channel you what to edit.
  5. Select the "Design Form" tab.
  6. Select the "Fields" tab.
  7. Click on the small 'x' on the field you wish to remove.
  8. Click remove.

  You can only remove fields and widgets on the Web App.

  For more information on fields go to adding field items to a channel.



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