Viewing Channel Data in the Analytics Page

Viewing Channel Data in the Analytics Page

Our analytics page allows you to see interesting data about your channel. Here you can find information on when a report was made, who contributes and engages the most in your channels and data about the collection of reports on your channels.



Web App

  1. Navigate to the control panel on the SaferMe web app.
  2. Navigate to the Analytics tab located on the top navigation bar.
  3. Select what channel you wish to view channel data on in the drop box.
  4. To change the time period of the data you can select the dates in the top right-hand corner in the calendar. It is automatically set at 6 months.
  5. These graphs can be downloaded as pdfs in a graph format you want.

 We define Awareness as a number of notifications a user has opened.

  The analytics page is only available on the web app.

For more information about the Analytics Page, please go to Viewing Report Data in the Analytics Page or Basic Analytics. 


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