Downloading an offline area

Downloading an offline area

To make an offline report you first need to download a map for offline reporting. This is because if your phone does not have an internet connection, it may not have had a chance to download a map of the area you will be working in.

If you know you are going to an area where you won't have data, you can download a map where you are going to be while you are offline.



Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the layers button in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. Select offline areas.
  3. Click add new offline area. If you have never downloaded a map before, skip this step.
  4. Navigate to the area on the map which you want to download. The smaller the area you select to download, the faster the map will save.
  5. You will see a progress bar while the map is downloading wait for the bars to finish loading.
  6. Click save once the map has downloaded.


  Offline reporting is only available on the mobile app.

  For more information on offline reporting please go to making an offline report

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