State Fields overview

State Fields overview

States contain a set of instructions which tell a report how to act when a report enters a particular state. SaferMe allows you to create your own states, and also offers a range of preset ones to choose from. You can edit a state to act the way you want. When you edit a state you can:

  1. Edit the state label.
  2. Define how the pins look (Normal, loud or invisible).
  3. Set who will get alerted when the state is hit (none, admins only, operators and admins or all).
  4. Set an auto-transition to next state.
  5. Restrict who can access reports in this state.

States automatically move from the top down. If a state is supposed to transition to a new state within a timeframe, it will transition to the one positioned directly underneath it. 

Users can move a report into a particular state on both the website and mobile app, if they have permission to do so.

 Web App


  1. Log in to SaferMe.
  2. Go to the Control panel.
  3. Select States
  4. Drag the fields of your choice to the State workflow.
  5. Click on the fields to edit.


For more information about States Fields, go to States or How to create States.

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