Basic Analytics

Basic Analytics

Using analytics, you can view specific data about the users of your channels as well as the reports made. There are several data elements included in analytics.

Channel Analytics


  1. Users Alerted: These are the number of users who have received an alert whenever a report has been made.
  2. Unique Reads: Unique reads represent the number of users who have read the reports.
  3. Reports Made: The number of reports made is displayed in this section. 
  4. Average Awareness: The average awareness is a percentage of the users who were notified and have opened the report they were notified about. 

Report Analytics


In Report Analytics, you can find every drop down box and radio button of the reports made on your channels in the form of charts. You can choose between pie charts, doughnut chart and vertical or horizontal bar chart for the representation of your data. This tool is specifically handy for summarising reports, seeing which users made the reports and comparing results. 

These graphs are made automatically when users make a report on your channels. 

For more information about analytics, please go to Viewing Report Data in the Analytics page or Viewing Channel Data in the Analytics page


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