User Roles

User Roles

As a Channel Administrator, you are able to control which users have access to your data. You may also want to restrict who can create reports and moderate new reports. SaferMe provides useful roles that you can assign to individual users to give you complete control over who can do what.

Channel Owner

This is the user that created the channel. There must always be exactly one channel owner. Ownership can be changed on request. 


Channel Administrators have full access to the channel and can do any of the following:

  • Modify Channel Settings on the Control Panel
  • Create, Edit and View all reports
  • Add and Remove Users
  • Moderate reports


Operators have less access than Administrators. Operators can not modify channel settings via the Control Panel and may not add or remove users. You should use this role for those you want to be able to report on your channel. The exact specifics of what an Operator can or can not do is covered in <Report Permissions>.

General Public

This is anyone that has not been specifically added to your channel. If your channel is Public (see public and private channels) these users may be able to see and even create reports.


Anonymous users are users who may not even be logged into the SaferMe System. Anonymous users can only see your data and make reports if your channel is Public and you have enabled Anonymous reporting.


 For more information on how these roles affect specific permissions, go to Report permissions.

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