Integrating SaferMe with Zapier

Zapier lets you do this without any complicated coding, and copies your information between SaferMe and 500+ other apps.

With workflows called "Zaps", your location-aware report data can automatically be copied to other apps as it gets submitted, allowing you to trigger notifications, capture contacts and locations, and even make posts to social media. You can also generate reports from other app's data, so you never have to enter that information manually again.


How to Integrate with Zapier

Get your accounts ready

  1. If you have not done so already, signup for a SaferMe account / channel here
  2. Signup for a FREE Zapier account
  3. You will also need to have an account with the piece of software you want to integrate with SaferMe like; Slack, Mailchimp, Sales, or Zendesk. To see if your software integrates with SaferMe and Zapier go here

Making a new Zap

  1. Once you have logged into SaferMe and into your software we are integrating with,  login to Zapier and click "make a zap" 
  2. Next we create a "Trigger" which will get information from a selected app. In this example, our first "Trigger" will be SaferMe. Chose SaferMe from the list. Choose "new report" as your trigger and click save and continue. At this point, you will be prompted to connect your accounts
  3. Next you will see setup options. Select the channel that you want to get your SaferMe reports from. Once you have selected your channel press "fetch and continue". This will test your connection and assuming you are successful, you can go ahead and press continue (tip: make sure you have reports already in your SaferMe channel)
  4. Now we are getting reports from SaferMe, we need to do something with these by creating an Action and sending this data to your chosen software. For example, we are going to send SaferMe reports to a google sheet (which you have already made earlier).
  5. To start, select an action (in this case, we will create a report row) and connect a google account, pick a spreadsheet to send our reports to and select worksheet where we will place our report 
  6. From here we need to fill out the rest of our template by saying what data from SaferMe we want to automatically put into our rows in our google sheet
  7. And you are done. Now when a SaferMe report is made, the details will be placed in your spreadsheet
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